Course Syllabus

CS 384 Research Seminar in Computer Science

Semester: Spring 2015
Lectures: Wednesday 3:30pm-4:35pm
Location: Lo Schiavo Science Center, Room 307

Students will explore an area of research in Computer Science by reading academic papers; independently learning tools and technologies related to the area; presenting research findings; leading tutorials on relevant tools; and participating in group discussion.

Instructor Information

Please contact the instructor if you have any questions or concerns regarding the course or projects.

Name: Sami Rollins and Alark Joshi
Email:, - Slack messaging preferred
Office: Harney Science Center, Room 544 (Sami)
Hours: Monday and Friday 2:30-3:30pm, Thursday 10-11am (Sami)
and by appointment


Course Prerequisites

You must have completed CS 112 Introduction to Computer Science II with a grade of C or better.

Course Materials

There are no required books for this class. You will be required to read papers available on the web or provided by the professor.

Course Announcements

Announcements will be posted in the USFCS Slack team. Use your USF address to join the Slack team by visiting the following URL:

Once you have joined the team, join the seminar-s15 group. Students are responsible for staying current on all course announcements.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how to read academic papers in Computer Science
  • Prepare and deliver a presentation demonstrating understanding of a paper or new tool or piece of technology.
  • Analyze results and shortcomings of published work in group discussion.


Students are expected to attend class every week, participate in discussion, and prepare and deliver at least one presentation during the semester. Students are required to submit a paper review every week. Letter grades will not be assigned, the course is Pass/Fail only.

Students missing more than two class periods or failing to complete more than two paper reviews will receive a grade of Fail.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is mandatory. Absences are only excused in cases of verified family or medical emergency. Topics that are discussed in class but are not available online will be part of quizzes, assignments and projects. 

Student Disability Services

If you are a student with a disability or disabling condition, or if you think you may have a disability, please contact Student Disability Services (SDS) within the first week of class to speak with a disability specialist. If you are determined eligible for reasonable accommodations, your disability specialist will send your accommodation letter to the instructor detailing your needs for the course. For more information, please visit or call (415) 422-2613.

Course Summary:

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